Meet The Folkadelics

Welcome we’re The Folkadelics, a couple of best friends who play in a folk band on the weekends. This blog is weirdly not about music as we only chose the name because it depicted our personalities but instead we decided to write this blog for a bit of fun and something that we could do together as a new collaboration separate from our band.

We both have similar interests including fashion, cooking, and home design as well as a variety of so many other things! We want to explore these different topics and express our knowledge to other people who either have similar interests or want to learn something new.

We have both been best friends since college and we tend to do pretty much everything together! I don’t even think we’ve ever had a fight so doing this blog together will be a great new adventure where we can express a different form of creativity.


Hey guys and gals! I’m Carly one of the bloggers of The Folkadelics and this is a little paragraph for you to get to know me better! I grew up in Somerset in England and currently live in London with my boyfriend and cat. I am the guitarist and singer in our band, where we play sets at different bars on the weekend, and it’s so much fun! In the week I am a primary school teacher at a local school (so only slightly different!) and I equally love my job to my band. I am obsessed with sushi and Japanese food and I hate herbal tea, I cannot stand the stuff! Anyway, that’s all I’m ready to divulge right now but stay tuned for blog updates!


Hellloooo! My name is Sasha and I am the second blogger in this duo collaboration! I also grew up in Somerset and moved over to London with my best friend Carly, I live in a flat with a couple of friends and we often spend most nights staying up and jamming music. I play the ukelele and banjo in my band and it is so much fun to go out and have people hear our sound on the weekend! My day job is working as a real estate agent, which can be really tiring when you are working in a big city like London. Some of my likes would be music, swimming, going to bars and pubs with friends and some of my dislikes would be gambling, noisy neighbours, and milk (but mostly because I’m lactose-intolerant!).

We would both really like to thank you for reading our blog and taking the time to read our page!

Happy Reading!