8 Ways to Wear Tartan

The “Tartan” is one of the best-known patterns in the world. The tradition of wearing it goes back to the 1700s in Scotland. At this date, the kilt is the only garment allowed to be worn. The choice of color combination is much wider than in other countries. The choice of detail in the pattern is also wide.

The origins of the tartan are quite interesting. It all started at the end of the 18th century when a wealthy Scottish merchant by the name of Thomas Rawlinson began a project to preserve the ancient manner of tartan weaving. Rawlinson commissioned a group of weavers to weave a huge blue and white tartan pattern that he had seen in a Welsh book. It was then that the pattern was named the “Rawlinson tartan.” In turn, as the project took shape, the pattern was also given a name: the “chief of the Perthshire,” which is the name we may use today.

Tartan shirts

Wearing tartan shirts is a tradition that has been around for centuries, but wearing any specific shade of tartan is a relatively modern move. The most common tartan colors are red, green, black, and white, but there are many others. Some are popular, while others are relatively obscure.

As a maxi dress

Wearing tartan maxi dresses is so much fun! After all, who wouldn’t love to wear the perfect red, green, blue, or black maxi dress all the time? Tartan maxi dresses are one of the most popular trends in women’s fashion these days. We highly recommend them for you guys who love to wear tartan maxi dresses. They give you a stylish look like no other. You will stand out in the crowd.

Tartan as pants

The world of Instagram has taken over the internet. Everything you do is documented for all to see, and there is no escaping the attention of the world. If you want to be the coolest kid on the block, you’ll need to dress like one. This means wearing loud colors or tartan pants. Tartan pants are cool, and they bring out the best in your personality. You can check out brands like New York & Company to see if they have some good pant collections, and maybe use some coupons for a discount, so you can buy more for less.

Tartan scarves

What’s the best way to stay warm in the cold winter months without having to wear a bulky coat? A tartan scarf, of course! The Scottish tartan stripes are great for fashion, but they’re also great for fashion because they keep you warm. The tartan scarf trend is a great way to get more of the benefits of wearing tartan without having to wear a tartan.

Tartan blazers

Scottish fashion is a long-standing phenomenon, and there is no shortage of people who still think it is a must-wear fashion statement. Today, tartan blazers are considered a staple in most men’s wardrobes, but back in the days when fashion was in-trend, and people still wore plaid (and people wore plaid), the fashion was highly controversial.

Tartan jumpsuits

Tartan patterned jumpsuits are not new. They have existed since Scottish soldiers fought the English at the Battle of Bannockburn. The traditional pattern of the tartan can vary, but the color is generally blue with white, black, red, green, or yellow. Tartan patterned jumpsuits are not new either. They have existed since the 1950s when they first became popular among rock musicians.

Tartan suits

There are lots of available options of tartan patterned suits that you can buy. If you are looking for tartan patterned suits that look classy, then you can go for the traditional tartan patterned suits. If you are looking for tartan patterned suits that are affordable, you can go for tartan patterned suits that are affordable. Wearing tartan patterned suits is not an easy task to do, but it will look amazing when you pull it off.

As a coat

Wearing tartan patterned coats is a popular trend that we see more and more of every year. Wearing tartan patterned coats has long been considered one of Scottish culture’s most traditional and recognized elements. Tartan is worn in everything from formal suits to highland dresses. The patterned material has also become part of the country’s identity, with the tartan pattern being used to create everything from bags to blankets.

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